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CIRQL at 7134 Columbia Gateway Drive
More than a landlord.
We want your team to love going to work. How? By loving where they work.


COPT is more than a landlord. We’re a partner. We see your vision, and it becomes our vision too. Whether an existing space works as is, or you need to create something new, we’re here to build your dream in the real world.


Learn more about COPT on our website, and get us on board with your vision. We want to see it too.


Krysta Herring

Director, Asset Management & Leasing

As Director of Leasing and Asset Management, Krysta oversees daily leasing activities and tenant retention efforts for COPT office space in Columbia Gateway. Her goal is to make a difference in the way tenants relate to their office space, as well as to offer opportunities - through creative spaces and amenities - for tenants to mentally break from routine and ultimately become happier, more engaged, and more productive employees.

John Hermann

VP, Asset Management & Leasing

Community Manager

Columbia Gateway

The Community Manager coordinates amenity service programming for COPT tenants, working closely with them to improve employee attraction and retention by building an irresistible community for them. The Community Manager's goal is to create a buzzing environment where something is always happening, improving work-life balance and creating a place where employees want to stay.

Von Carlton

Property Manager

Von has been with COPT for over twelve years, working closely with a dynamic team of building specialists to keep buildings operating in top shape. She and her team provide tenants with outstanding service, ensuring prompt repairs and proactive maintenances.

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Lobby at 7000 Columbia Gateway Drive